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THE movement


iBrace knee Orthotics are custom designed from a 3D scan to achieve an unparalleled accuracy of fit. They are designed to control instability or ligament tears, meniscus injury or knee osteoarthritis.


With their minimalist design, our braces are light weight and comfortable while ensuring maximum stability to remedy knee injury. They effectively relieve pain and allow to resume daily activities and sports quickly.


Several options are available to meet patient needs.



The OA knee brace can help reduce your knee pain and improve your quality of life quickly.


The OA iBrace allows to perform a medial or lateral compartmental unloading. This easy and non invasive alternative allows patients to maintain their  mobility despite their knee pain and to postpone the negative effects on their lifestyle.


Thanks to the computerized technology of iBrace, the clinician has precise control of the required correction angle of varus or valgus The knee brace angle is adjusted according to the request of the health care professional.


So confortable, the OA brace can be worn all day.


The thoraco-lumbar back brace profits from the iBrace technology, permitting a fast and precise production, and a faster hospital leave for patients.


The TLSO bivalve molded corset (a thoraco-lumbosacral corset) is used to limit the movement of the spine between the shoulder blades and the top of the buttocks, thus stabilizing the wound and helping to heal. In the meantime, Use in cases of unstable fractures and vertebral fusion of the dorsal and / or lumbar region.


The regular production lead time is 3 working days.


Express production time is 24 hours, 7 days a week.



The iBrace afo’s are also conceived from a 3D scan in order to acheive an incomparable fit. It meets all the specific needs such as instability of the ankle, foot drop or to limit certain distortions.

The tibial orthosis may be fixed or articulated, rigid or flexible.


Several belt and cushion options are available to meet all your patients' needs.

The iBrace elbow brace allows perfect control of the movement in addition to supporting the elbow joint by limiting extension and / or flexion.


It is recommended in the case of distal fracture of the humerus or olecranon with limitation of the movements of extension and flexion, the addition of lateral stability, elbow sprain, articular stiffness or post -surgery.

Common example of use


Ideal for normal everyday activities as well as athletic efforts, the iBrace knee brace ensures protection for ligament tears and any knee injuries.





Study showed that:

Clients wear their knee brace on average 6.2 hours per day.


93% of clients reported a significant improvement in their quality of life with a daily wear of an iBrace orthosis.


The pain level of clients has reduced by 46% with the daily wearing of a brace. It increased from 7.6 to 3.2 on a scale of 10


Design your foot orthotics

The custom iBrace foot orthotics are designed from a 3D scan and iBrace technology that ensures a naturally fitting orthosis for the feet. With its unique design and robotic manufacturing process, our foot orthotics meet all the specifications required.


Our wide range of high quality materials as well as the different models of foot orthoses proposed, you conceive yourself the ideal foot orthotics that will answer all the pathologies of your patients.

Need more?

IBrace understands that each person requires different specific needs. This is the reason why iBrace offers many creative options with its iOS app in order to get a unique foot orthotics.


Orthotics made of advanced materials at an affordable price


Ask us about our expedited order processing.